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In the ocean they 're is a multitude of different species of marine life. These differnet species range from simple plankton all the way up to sharks. Although the common perseption that sharks are at the top of the food chain there is a fierce competitor with the sharks and that would be the octopus.

The octopuse has a variety of characteristics that are all commonly known , for example it is common knowledge that octopuses are able to produce and thick black ink that they can use to blind predators who try to attack them. Because of people thinking that the octopuse is a passive marine life creature due to its constant running the octopus is able to use the purpose of all 8 of its legs and other unique traits to either confuse trap or just over power its prey.

The most commonly used tactics the octopuse uses to take down its prey its by latching onto the
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But usually the octopus that grow to large enough size to be able to take down sharks live down in the Abyssopelagic Zone ( The Abyss). Octopuses that live here have been seen to reach around 272 kilograms or 600 pounds. Although the largest living octopus weighs in at around 700 pounds which nearly beats the record of 850 pounds.

Due to the octopus 's extreme intelligence over other marine life this allows the octopus to hunt and prey on anything they want even if they are of a larger size . Also mixed with their smarts theyre ability to be so agile and flexible in the water allows them to confuse their prey while disorienting them with their thick black ink.

Another unique trait of the octopus is the ability to regenerate any of its 8 limbs over time even if it is bit off in any way. This ability to regenerate is similar to that of a lizards tail. It doesnt matter how many limbs the octopus regenerates they will still regrow no matter

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