Cyrano De Bergerac Analysis

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“Outer beauty attracts the eye, but inner beauty attracts the heart.” Your words mean more to people than how you look or dress. This is evident in both texts because both Cyrano and the poet rely on their words opposed to how they look. Cyrano is cursed with his obnoxiously large nose and we can infer that the poet is poor, unknown, and feels unattractive themself. Although Edmond Rostand’s ¨Cyrano de Bergerac¨ and Jimmy Baca’s ¨I Am Offering This Poem¨ were written one hundred years apart, they both come to the conclusion that words have more power than looks. But they have different ways of how and why they believe so.
We see clearly that in ¨Cyrano de Bergerac¨ and ¨I Am Offering This Poem¨ use words as opposed to looks. In ¨Cyrano de Bergerac¨, Cyrano would end up winning Roxane using his words, not his looks (even though he didn’t have any). Using letters and his words he would end up with Roxane in the end. This was the only way he could make her love him because his looks alone would not be enough, mainly because of his unattractive nose that is hinted at numerous times in the play. The same could go for the poet in ¨I Am Offering This Poem¨. We can infer that he won his love because of how he speaks in the poem. He speaks about how he will be a blanket for her in the cold
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In ¨Cyrano de Bergerac¨ we never see or hear of Cyrano struggling with money. In his line of work and how well known he is he must make a decent amount of money to easily sustain himself. He can afford decent clothing, because he doesn 't go with the fashion trends, and hangs around with the higher class. And like a said before he is pretty well known unlike what we infer from what we see in the poem. This also means that the poets words are literally all he has to offer his love, making them all the more
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