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1.0 Introduction This report aims at examining the key issues which are addressed in presentation by evaluating the implications for organisational needs and capabilities, as well as management and development of marketing teams and activities. The organisation taken in this report is Savigny Oddie Limited, which is a renowned name in Oddie Toggle Business. The company deals in different kinds of locks, latches, hinges, handles, and quarter turn fasteners. As per (Acklesberg and Arlow, 2010), MMP or Marketing Measure Performance is defined as the evaluation of the relationship between marketing activities and business performance. Also, Andrews and Kenneth (2009) define marketing capability as an important process, which is developed to implement…show more content…
It helps in improving the structure of an organisation by streamlining all the activities in a positive manner (Bracker, 2012). MPM also helps an organisation in finding out the gaps between expected performance and delivered performance and then filling those gaps. Consequently, the performance of the organisation improves gradually with the help of this. 3.0 Identification of the challenges facing business organisations in measuring marketing performance While measuring the marketing performance there are several challenges that an organisation has to face. Oddie Toggle Business is also not free from these challenges. The major challenges relate to customer services, quality of employees, distribution networks, marketing research, product introduction in the market and so on. Accordingly, these challenges depend upon the skills of an organisation and to some extent, it depends upon marketing team and teamwork within an organisation as well (Capon et al., 2009). 3.1 Customer…show more content…
In Oddie Toggle Business the skills of the sales team are not efficient and they are not able to grow the business properly. 3.3 The strength of distribution networks A distribution network is something that is very capable enough to determine the product life cycle (Finch, 2010). The distribution network impacts the selling of the products to a very great extent. In Oddie Toggle Business the distribution network they have adopted for locks was not apt and due to that the sales was affected tremendously. Thus, MPM of Oddie Toggle Business especially the locks is a matter of concern for it. 3.4 The extent resources committed for advertising Advertising is very essential for a product to be popular in the market. An effective advertisement is the one in which there is an optimum utilization of available resources and that brings maximum output to the organisation. 3.5 Marketing

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