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Odeon Cinema becomes the largest cinema in the UK, with over one hundred cinemas. The founding of Odeon Cinema was Oscar Deutsch in 1930 (Odeon Cinema, 2018). The spelling of Odeon was an acronym of Oscar Deutsch Entertains Our Nation, at that time their art decoration and their interiors became the company icons. In the beginning, their mission statement was “not only simply somewhere to watch films, but somewhere to experience them” based on Herte (2018). The ODEON was acquired in 1941 by J Arthur Rank who had interests in the film production and distribution, in 1998 the company launch their rebranding campaign to reinforce ODEON place as market leader in the UK with introducing the “ Fanatical about the film” to UK cinema (Odeon Cinema,…show more content…
The company expanded their market into a Europe circuit. Their market geographic is UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Germany (Loria, 2016). In this report, it will focus on the market in the UK. According to their website the mission statement change from the previous one to the new mission statement, which is “make every day an inspiring experience”, therefore, their vision “to create inspiring entertainment experiences for every guest.” Odeon becomes a great business with the iconic brand, strong market and they have passionate teams, that can show the impressive transformation of the company. In 2016 the ownership of ODEON cinema changes as the owner sells it to AMC theatres, therefore, it will create a new changing for the company (Business Wire, 2018). Odeon Cinema is the company who runs in the cinema industry.
This report will discuss the macro and micro environments analysis of the company, the SWOT analysis for the company and the competitive analysis for this
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The cinema theatres earn their revenue through the three big cinemas in the UK market (Grater, 2016). Odeon Cinema gain a competitive advantage through obtaining the right screen first-run films with the lower average cost per screening and then re-equip their cinema with the 3-D viewing, Odeon also offer 40% off returns to their customers in a particular month, they also offer limitless which make their customers capable to see the films they want as often as they like, the cinema also offers the sound technology along with stadium seating to provide the best experience for customer to watch the movie as their competitive strategy (Company website, 2018). Odeon cinema has a capability regarding their prices for the ticket which include the facilities, location near with customers and even try to compete themselves with the local cinema (Company website,

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