Odin And Ymir: A Myth

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Odin and Ymir A myth can be a false statement or story that is not true and a creation can be a story that is not true but it 's how they thought the way of life is created. In the mythical story “Odin and Ymir” they explain how the earth was created in there eyes. There is a place called Niflheim and the characters that are in the story is Ymir “ The First Frost Giant” then formed a cow to be with Ymir. On the third day a new man named Buri and he sad a son named Bor who married a girl named Bestla who is a daughter of one of the giants. Bor and Bestla had three sons one of them named Odin “The most powerful gods”. The there was a struggle between the frost giant Ymir and the gods. So Odin and his brothers went to fight against him.…show more content…
The earth is now a disk and they used Ymir’s eyelashes to keep the edges of the disk. Bor’s sons found two logs and they decided to make humans out of them. One son gave them breath and life, the second son gave them consciousness and movement, and the third gave them faces, speech, hearing, and sight. So the Heavens doesn 't have to be untilt and noticeable the three brothers fixed the sky and stars. The first two humans had two kids the son was named Moon and the daughter was named Sol. Sol drives the chariot that carries the sun across the skies, and she drives so fast across the skies of the northland because she is chased by a giant wolf each day (Which is named Fenrir). The gods did leave one pathway from earth to heaven. That is the bridge that appears in the sky as a rainbow, and it 's perfect arc and brilliant colors are a sign of its origin with the gods. This story is a “bind of a clan” and “mythological heaven reflects social structure of culture”. It is a bind of a clan because the three brother came together to fight Ymir then created a whole world with humans in it and those humans need to come together and work with each other. Also, this story is a mythological heaven reflects social structure of culture because they told a story on how the world was created in there
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