Odin's God: Tyr

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Odin was the chief god. He was god of Wisdom, War, Death and Poetry.
He was married to the goddess Frigg and his sons included Thor (God of thunder and lightning and Baldur God of light.
He had one eye as he traded his other to drink at the well of wisdom. He invented the runes and used them to communicate. He rode on an eight legged horse called Sleipner and carried a spear that always hit it's target plus a bow that shot 10 arrows at a time.
He had to Ravens who flew into the world to collect information for him.
Frigg: Goddess of Love, Marriage and Destiny. Her husband is Odin, The 'All Father'. Together they had two sons, Thor and Baldur.She was known as a 'seer'. She could see the future but never change it. Frigg's ability made her
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Tyr is one handed as he lost his other to his wolf, Fenrir, but it did not impact on his ability to fight. At this incident the gods tried to bind Fenrir for their safety but the wolf refused to allow them to put the cord around him unless one of the deities put their hand in his mouth as good faith. Tyr complied to Fenrir's request (He was the only one). Fnrir found himself unable to break free of his habits and feasted on Tyr's hand!
Vidar: God of Silence and Revenge. Also considered to be a son of Odin. He is said to be the second strongest of the gods and it is said that Odin will be killed by the great beast Fenrir and, to avenge his father, killed Fenrir with his bare hands. As Vidar was a god he was regarded as wise and stoic. He lived within a great forest where, it was said, he thought about the secrets of time. It was said that Vidar never spoke.
Vali: Demi-God specialized in Revenge. Vali is the son of Thor and Grid (Thor’s ex Giantess girlfriend). He was born to avenge the death of Baldur, which meant making sure he payed for what he did. After a few hours of being born Vali grew into a godly size and ran off to avenge Baldur. He was known as a 'Neutral' demi-god as wasn’t seen as either good nor
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He assisted in seafaring and in hunting, granting himself the name 'God of Wealth- Bestowal or Prosperity'. Traditionally Njord was given to the giantess Skadi as a hostage and she decreed him her husband. The marriage failed and he returned home, where he always wanted to be.
Goddess of Love, Fertility and War and Death. She had a brother named Freyr (God Crops and Fertility). Children of Njord (God of Wind, Sea and it's riches). When Freya lost her husband her tears fell to the ground as amber. She either rode a boar with golden bristles or drove her chariot which was drawn by cats. She wore a feather coat when she wanted to fly and thought to have inspired he name Friday (Freya Day).
Freyr: God of Fertility and Fruitfulness.
He had a sister named Freyja (Goddess of Love, Fertility, Death and War). Children of Njord (God of Wind Sea and it's Riches) He was known to be the noblest of the gods and together with his sister, Freyja, he brings peace and prosperity to men and the blessings of fertility to the home and field. He had two greatest treasures made by dwarves: A boar with golden bristles and a ship, ;large enough to fit all the gods and could be folded up to fit in one's
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