Odontogenic Myxoma Case Study

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An odontogenic myxoma (OM) is a rare ,benign and locally aggressive odontogenic tumor characterised by gross replacement of cancellous bone by gelatinous or mucoid tissue ,thus leading to cortical bone expansion. It originates from the embryonic mesenchymal elements of the developing tooth. World Health Organisation has categorized OM as a benign tumor of ectomesenchymal origin with or without presence of odontogenic epithelium.1
They are slowly progressing ,asymptomatic, and site-aggressive tumors. The lesions may reach a questionable size before patient realises its existence and seeks treatment . Diagnosing an odontogenic myxoma is not easy since it has variable histopathological and radiological features.
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The clinical examination revealed he had a bony hard, non- tender swelling, extending from the posterior border of the mandible upto tragus of the right ear, while the overlying skin was devoid of any secondary changes. (Figure 1 & Figure 2).
The lateral oblique radiograph of the jaw revealed a unilocular radiolucent lesion extending from the distal surface of the first permanent mandibular molar, involving almost entire ramus encapsulating an unerupted tooth within the (Figure 3) ,with intact lower/inferior border of the mandible .
As there was no cystic fluid available, provisional diagnosis of unilocular ameloblastoma was made. Routine blood investigation did not reveal any abnormal findings. Complete removal of lesion was planned after obtaining a written consent and a thorough pre-anesthetic evaluation.
The tumor was operated intraorally with a mid crestal incision .With adequate exposure , the junction of normal bone and pathological tumor was identified followed by thorough surgical curettage of the lesion.The lower border of mandible was intact and utmost care was taken to prevent pathological

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