Odysseus: A Chaarismatic Leader In Homer's The Odyssey

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In the novel “The Odyssey” Homer displays the main character Odysseus with god like qualities which results in him judging others through tone and actions. When the main character Odysseus came from his confrontation with the goddess Circe his group of men are happy and grateful to see him. His men are gathered around him as if they are the sheep and he is the Shepard that guides them through every step of the way. Odysseus is a well respected man who is admired by his men and is like a higher power to due his god like qualities . While odyssey’s crew is stranded without his leadership and advice, they are unsure where to go due to lack of knowledge and no mentor to lead them. His crew was “wailing and crying besides sailing ship”(10.433) no knowledge . They are missing Odysseus , the leader who is going to guide them in war and then back home. Odysseus is a devoting leader despite his his narcissistic actions and Through out his crew’s tough journey they always dependent on Odysseus to guide them through the right path. odysseus’ life is blessed by Zues, all his knowledge abilities are blessing from the gods .Even before Odysseus came to life he was predestined to become an honored charismatic leader who is greeted by his crew with tears of happiness and relief due to the many blessings that were given to him by the gods. The gods give Odysseus Instructions and all the needed weapons to have the ability to beat all the enemies that confront him. He is also given a

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