Is Odysseus A Hero

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Robert Downey Jr. one acknowledged what a hero is in one sentence,”I think we all do herioic things, but hero is not a noun, it’s a verb.”( The man was the Iron Man in Iron Man in 2008 and was in the The Avengers in 2012, after hitting a rough patch with drugs. Similar to the majority group classified as a hero, he overcame a huge obstacle bravely, but with help from others. Robert Downey Jr. is still a true inspiration to young children, unlike Odysseus. Odysseus and his story ended a long time ago when mythology was famous, but he story still survives. Due to the extreme obstacles and challenges his faces, Odysseus has created a lot of controversy on whether or not he is a hero. Yet, the way he handles these challenges is immature therefore, Odysseus is not a hero because he was selfish and greedy towards the lives…show more content…
After he recieved intel from a witch who kept him trapped for years, he followed he instructions and enetered through the back of the cave. While passing through, Odysseus strapped himself up even though he was instructed not to,”“... so I tied on my cuirass and took up two heavy spears, then made my way along the foredeck…”(623). The whooshing of the crisp breeze blew straight through the men. They were feeling something coming, but what? His men had asked him if they should arm themselves as well and Odysseus told them not to in fact, he himself and done nothing for them,” “... I told them nothing, as they could do nothing.”(623). Cowardly his men hid under the ships boards and seats clinging to the ground, just then one of the “heros” men was caught by Scylla and did nothing but scream. Odysseus had pleaded his men to row after five more men had been caught, but it was no use as Charybdis had created a threatning wurl pool that would get his men caught. Luckily they were able to get past the wurl pool and began sailing normally

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