Odysseus: An Attractive Leader In Homer's Odyssey

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Leadership can be established in how a hero guides his men and directs them. Numerous warriors from Greek Mythology are lauded for their control and management over their companions in times of difficulty and danger; furthermore, they are a model and an inspiration towards their comrades. Among several brave men, many people considered Odysseus to be incapable of being in charge, but some indications have also shown that his actions for the crew are sufficient. Even though both the controversies of the debate about the topic has information from The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus is evidently an effective leader. Odysseus demonstrates as an efficient leader when they come across various threatening situations. The most compelling evidence is…show more content…
In particular, prior to his encounter with Circe, he was offered an intriguing feast, but “ yet his mind remains on his captive men”( Homer 180 Summary). Regardless of his position, showing care for his men’ assurance proved that his obligation comes first before anything else. In Odysseus’ journey as a hero, this episode is stage six where he was tested of his capabilities. Correspondingly, when his devotees are in despair, Odysseus asks, “ have we never in danger before this?” to them( Homer 191 l. 54). He reminds them of their experiences and provides their courage and confidence back. Odysseus manages his men’ inconvenience feelings; he follows through his responsibility as a leader. On the contrary, after showing an outstanding act of leadership, by the same token, Odysseus display a hubris and the incorrigible side of him that legitimize him deficient. When departing the land of the Cyclopes, he yelled back “ how do you like the beating..you damned cannibal” to Polyphemus ( Homer 171 ll. 340-341). This impetuous movement was the cause of his curse ; if Odysseus left the island without a word, he wouldn’t have the curse. The curse of losing all of his men. Although this may be true, his outbreak from the dilemma that he bought demonstrates guidance. To enumerate, Odysseus projected a machination, “ so three sheep could convey each man”( Homer 170 l. 289). The scheme was to hide under the
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