Odysseus: An Effective Leader

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Odysseus Leadership Essay
The first main trait that demonstrates Odysseus is a worthy leader is his optimistic approach to the difficult tasks both he and his men faced during their adventure. During the time Odysseus encounters many divergent tough tasks, he always overcomes many tasks with his men when he encourages them. According to the article, “The Nine Traits that Define Great Leadership,” explain that an optimistic leader “The very best leaders are a source of positive energy. They communicate easily.” The article explains, that an optimistic leader is supposed to have a “positive energy” towards everything and they have to be easy to talk to. In other words the most ideal leaders are capable to accomplish the tasks they already have
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Even though Odysseus has many things to worry about through his adventure, he manages to make tough decisions for the best interest for him and his men to survive. According to the article, “The Nine Traits that Define Great Leadership,” “ All leaders must make tough decisions”(1). In other words, the best leaders are capable in making difficult decisions in a difficult situation. Odysseus is certainly a decisive leader. Whatever situations come his way he thinks about what him and his men need to do for their best interest and make a decision quickly. For example, for Odysseus and his men to have a chance for survival, Odysseus knows he has to make decisions. Even though Odysseus has to make a decision from two bad choices like, drowning or starving to death and to either going by Scylla or Charybdis, shows a great quality about Odysseus. Although Odysseus and his men were caught between “ a rock and a hard place” by Scylla the monster or Charybdis the whirlpool, Odysseus accomplished his goal without doing any permanent damage to either himself or his men. In the story Scylla and Charybdis, it states, “ Scylla to port and our starboard beam Charybdis, dire gorge of the salt sea tide”(4). By Odysseus making a decision even if it was tough, he managed to not get caught in the moment and make the decision. The astonishing actions Odysseus showed by the tough decisions and decisiveness he had accomplished many tasks throughout his and his men’s journey. Also, by Odysseus making a tough decisions he was able to get home safe with some of his men. Clearly, Odysseus’ tough decision making and decisiveness actions save them from many difficult tasks him and his men had during their
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