Odysseus An Epic Hero Essay

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Odysseus embodies the characteristics of an epic hero in many ways. One such way is that he was that he was born to be a king. Most epic hero’s are born into a royal family. Another reason that Odysseus is an epic hero is because he can complete tasks that most commoners could not. For example, he defeats a gigantic, angry, human-eating cyclops without its neighboring brothers noticing. He did this thanks to his great strength, leadership skills, and cunning. He tricks the cyclops into becoming drunk and while he sleeps, he blinds him. He had also previously told the cyclops (Polyphemus) that his name was “Nobody” so that when Polyphemus was in pain from being stabbed in the eye he would yell, “Nobody is hurting me”. This shows Odysseus’ great cunning and leadership skills. This example proves that Odysseus was a strong leader and easily filled the role of an epic hero.…show more content…
Before his travels back home, he was a general in the Trojan War, which he won. Epic heros are also often said to travel over vast settings. Odysseus sails far and wide trying to get home to Ithaca. For example, he travels to Thrinacia, Aeaea, Aeolia, and Phaeacia. Those examples were only a few of the multiple other locations that Odysseus travels to. Odysseus is also recognized as a great hero as well. This is because of his great victories during the Trojan war. One time during the story where a king realizes that it is Odysseus was on Phaeacia when King Alcinous recognizes him and offers him help. Odysseus is also a humble man. Although sometimes his ego occasionally gets in the way, he still does deeds for the sake of doing them, not for fame. Finally, Odysseus gets lots of help from gods such as Athena, who helps Telemachus which overall helps Odysseus, and Hermes who gives Odysseus Moly to protect him from Circes spells. He also has faced many supernatural forces such as the Sirens, Charybdis, and
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