Odysseus: An Imperfect Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus: An Imperfect Hero in The Odyssey of Homer In The Odyssey of Homer, Homer uses Odysseus as a model of heroic imperfection. Odysseus was not entirely heroic. He had many questionable qualities and it is these qualities that ultimately get him in trouble and prolong his homecoming. What makes Odysseus a hero is that despite his selfishness, lack of self-control, pride and violent nature, he fights against the odds to fulfill his destiny with the help of the gods. Even though he is not entirely good, he still, with all his defects manages to get back home to his family and kingdom. The first display of Odysseus imperfection was his pride. After heroically saving his companions from Polyphemus by deceiving him with the name “Nobody” (147.405-410), Odysseus pride becomes inflated endangering the lives of his companions as they escape from the Cyclops. He states, “[they] could not persuade the great heart in me… in the anger of my heart I cried to him” (150.500). He says “big heart” before telling him to “tell him that [he was] blinded by…show more content…
We could infer this from his companions. One example is when they open the bag of wins that were supposed to take them home because they suspected it was gold. They said, “…while we, who have gone through everything he has on the same venture, come home with our hands empty” (153.40-45). Odysseus was the leader and was getting all the gifts without sharing. They had fought in the same wars, travelled with him and were just as homesick, yet he had not given them anything. Another example of his selfishness is when he stays for a year with Circe. He does not take into account that his men, although are being supplied with material things want to go home. He had to be reminded that their final destination was home, which he agreed by saying, “my proud heart was persuaded” (164.460-475). He was so comfortable with Circe that he had to be persuaded. He forgot his home, his wife and son that needed
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