Odysseus And Everett Character Analysis

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Great altruistic leaders that you respect from the deepest part of your heart can also make huge mistakes that can result in severe consequences. But at the end of the day, people still look up to them. Odysseus from the epic poem, The Odyssey, and Everett from the Hollywood film, 'O' Brother Where Art Thou' were astounding leaders whom their men admired. Although Odysseus and Everett are portrayed as very similar characters, there are many distinguishable differences between them. Odysseus, after losing ten years of his life fighting in the elongated Trojan War, loses ten more returning home to his beautiful wife, Penelope, and his homeland, Ithaca, where he is heir to the throne. Similarly, Everett, whom escaped from jail with his two chain gang, returns back to his beautiful wife and his children in Mississipi, however, that only required him to lose around 2 weeks of his life. During their journey to reunite with their family, Odysseus is way more distracted as he encounters many supernatural beings, for example, Circe and the gods, which stagnated the process of his journey. He does not stop and think about how certain actions would prolongate his arrival to Ithaca. On the other hand, Everett, though encountering many obstacles, like the 3 singing…show more content…
His modesty came to a test. Odysseus has to hide his identity from everyone, including his wife and children as a beggar. He has to endure all the insults that came out from all the suitors. If he had failed to do so, he may not have the chance to oust the suitors and get his family back. On the other hand, Everett has started to act more considerately, he no longer thinks that he is the leader of the chain gang, and starts to think so them as more of a companion. He risks his life twice to save his
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