Odysseus And Everett Compare And Contrast

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“I 'm coming home, I 'm coming home.Tell the world I 'm coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday.” This song beautifully represents the goal of Everett and Odysseus. Odysseus, a mythical hero, and Everett, a century old hero, both were trying to get home. Even though they had the same goal the people who helped them, the children they wanted to see, and the challenges they faced once they got there were really different.
Both Odysseus and Everett attempted to get back home to their wife with crews that were very unlike,but had some similarities to each other. Odysseus had many men 600 to be exact and they knew to an extent what they were getting into. Each one of Odysseus’s men in The Odyssey choose to go or were forced to go to the Trojan War, but they knew the end goal of beating the Trojans. Everett only had two men, Pete and Delmar, and they had no idea what they were getting into. Unlike Odysseus’s crew they had no idea what the end goal was. Everett in O”Brother Where Art Thou told them that there was a treasure stolen that they could split once they got which turned out to be a lie. This being said it shows that Pete and Delmar really didn’t know what they were getting into. While Odysseus’s crew may have known what the original goal of the journey was; neither his crew nor Everett’s crew knew exactly how the trials that they would face in their journey home. Another difference is that in O’Brother Where Art Thou, it gives people a better insight
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