Odysseus And Moana In The Odyssey

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Are all heroes and heroines the same? Well, Joseph Campbell sure believed so. He spent his life reading and retelling ancient myths to conclude a pattern they all followed. They are all basically the same story following the same template known as the monomyth, or hero’s journey. Variants of this monomyth relate to all the heroes which makes no exception for Odysseus and Moana. Odysseus, hero in the Odyssey, is a misplaced soldier trying to find his way back to Ithaca where his wife and son await. The author, Homer, narrates Odysseus as a hero doing anything and everything to get home years after the Trojan War came to an end. While Moana is a sheltered teenager who has never been allowed to go past the reef. But when her island is hit with disease, going past the reef is one of the many obstacles she must face to return the heart of Te Fiti to restore her island. Throughout their journeys, both heroes, Odysseus and Moana, attempt to ensure their voyage home, despite every possible force working against them,…show more content…
Odysseus having endured many years abroad, hasn’t let his many undertakings stop him from achieving his goal of returning to his kingdom in Ithaca. Similarly, Moana uses her inherited love for the ocean to save her island and people. Henceforth, the hero’s journey, constructed by Joseph Campbell, is very crucial in analyzing books as well as movies to show the similarities between heroes on their journey. The hero's journey cycle begins off with the call to adventure, times of crisis and the return back with a new outlook on life from this experience. This is true for all myths of different origins because the pattern is universal and occurs every time. Meaning that although the paths hero’s contracts each other the journey they follow is
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