Odysseus And PTSD In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus saw all his men die in a way a human would rarely see. PTSD is when you see something tragic and can’t forget what happened and that’s what Odysseus has from all his men that die in a tragic way. Human get PTSD not only from sexual way, you get it also by seeing something you shouldn’t see like people dying in a way you wouldn’t imagine. The first cause that Odysseus catches PTSD is when he and his men went to the cyclops land. At the cyclops land Polyphemus killed two of Odysseus men well he ate them. In the book the Odysseus, on page 869 paragraph 2 it cites that “but in one stride he clutched at my companions and caught two in his hands like squirming puppies to beat their brains out.”. Odysseus saw it and was scared to death but manage to help his men get out the cave. For example, Angelo was in the army with his three friends that he met in the army base. One of his friend’s suicide himself because of PTSD he saw men dead and seeing them die like no other human should see. His friends next to him got shot and died while suffering. His three great friends died and then Angelo killed himself for seeing that image in his head all the time. Odysseus catches PTSD for the same reason Angelo catches PTSD but Odysseus doesn’t kill himself. The second…show more content…
He gets flashbacks a lot of what happen in the cyclops; land and Skyla and also when his friends eat the fruit and didn’t remember a thing. I could support this with evidence from the article “WHAT IS PTSD” in the article it say that when you see a tragic thing you get flash backs and nightmares of what happened and never get over it. Also in the article this woman name Gina has flashback of herself being a child and couldn’t protect herself when her uncle sexually abused her. Odysseus get flashbacks of when his men died he says to himself why couldn’t he just safe them. He could’ve done a better job but he did all he can do to try to safe
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