Odysseus And Penelope In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus & Penelope It was hard to Penelope to recognize her husband Odysseus when they were talking to each other’s in book 19. One of the biggest reasons that made her certain that her husband is died, is that he left for many years, and nobody told her truth about his location or about what is he doing. After she heard what the stranger have of stories about her husband, she told him with a warm heart about her dream. Penelope said that she saw an eagle in her dream came and killed all the suiters, and speaks to her with a human voice, and told her that he is her husband. She saw many other things in her dream beside the eagle, and Odysseus starts to tell her what does it mean to have a dream like this. After that, she decided that she will marry a man who is as smart as her husband, and she decide to make archery contest between suiters and the one who shoot the arrow through the twelve axes, he will be her new husband and take her away from the palace that she came to as a bride. Odysseus encouraged her not to delay the archery contest, and…show more content…
None of the suiters was able to win the archery contest. It was really hard for her to believe that he is her husband, so she told him that his bed was moved out of their bedroom. He surprised her when he told her about all the details in their bedroom and he told her that their bed is built on an olive-tree which means it is impossible to anyone to move it. She was shocked that she finally met her beloved husband. As it was showed in the text, “At his words, her knees began to tremble and her heart melted as she realized that he had given her infallible proof. Bursting into tears she ran up to Odysseus, threw her arms around his neck and kissed his head” (Page,306). Which means that she did recognize her beloved husband until he won the archery contest and she tested him to make sure that this man is her

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