Odysseus And Phaeacia Case Study

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After being referred for evaluation by his wife Penelope, the patient Odysseus is experiencing many symptoms which I believe are connected to PTSD: post dramatic stress disorder. The first piece of evidence that has made me come to this diagnosis, is the numerous times he brings up the memories from his past events, and how often they bring him to being melancholy. I first witnessed this when we were talking about his time in Phaeacia and he narrated about how some young infidels began mocking him because they believed he was not as strong as they were. His first reply was “sorrow is on my heart.” Then once he proved them wrong and he was indeed better than them at the Olympic competition, he stated that “none except Philoctetes excelled me…show more content…
When people ask him to tell them of his long tale and how he came to be standing in front of them, he often says another time, or tells them. At first, by him saying “another time” one might think he is suffering, however from further narration from Odysseus I’ve come to believe something else. My conclusion to this was when he, once again in Phaeacia, told his story to numerous listeners. Although when right before he starts to speak, he says “your heart inclines to learn my grievous woes, and thus make me weep and sorrow more.” The more times his references his sadness, the more I believe he is suffering from being homesick, yet this sadness is constant and never leaves him While refusing to speak about the trauma is one symptom another is negative feelings. As I’ve previously observed, the patient seems to suffer from crippling depression. I’ve received this revelation from when he stated to me that he was talking to the young infidels and told them “I sit in your assembly longing for my home.” Thus Odysseus always seems to have negative feelings weighting upon his heart and constantly bring his emotional state to a state of
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