Odysseus And Telemachus Relationship

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In The Odyssey, Odysseus and his Penelope along with their son Telemachus all face many challenges while Odysseus is away on his journey. They all had different perspectives and dealt with their pain in different ways. Odysseus faced many physical and emotional hardships while on his journey. He was forced to leave behind his wife Penelope and newborn son Telemachus to leave Ithaca to fight in Troy. This leads to Odysseus constantly getting homesick because he loved his son and wife, and by leaving for battle he didn’t know how long he would be gone, or if he would ever be back. He also loses many loyal people whether it was leaving them back in Ithaca or losing them through the journey, like Elpenor. While coming back from Troy, Odysseus also makes many enemies and angers the gods. One tough challenge for …show more content…

Without a father figure in his life Telemachus never had a role model to guide him on how to become mature fine young man, and because of this he was constantly looked through as a child. Not having a father in his life caused Telemachus to want and to find Odysseus more. He travels to Pylos and Sparta to gather information on his father and maybe find him. Without Odysseus, Telemachus is affected because the suitors come and take over his home. Because he doesn’t have any facial hair, he cannot yet rule the kingdom. The suitors knowing this use it as an advantage and try to marry his mother to become king. Telemachus hates that the greedy suitors take advantage of Penelope. When Telemachus tries to get the people of Ithaca to stand up to the suitors with him, the suitors call him a boy and tell everyone that he is being immature. This angers Telemachus because it makes him feel weak and worthless and causes his hate against the suitors to grows stronger. Being the son of Odysseus, Telemachus had big shoes to fill. He didn’t know how to rule the kingdom like his father because Odysseus wasn't there to guide

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