Odysseus And Telemachus Relationship Analysis

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The Odyssey symbolized fathers as leaders, the head of the household, protector who instills the virtue of identity to their sons. To be bold in the face of their enemies and stand against them. It is necessary to play a vital role in the upbringing of their sons. When there is no father figure sons cannot become aristoi without guidance which limits to their full potential and true identity.
In The Odyssey the relationship between Odysseus and Telemachus is important. Odysseus been gone for over twenty years of Telemachus life. He is not there through the adolescence. Telemachus hurt by the absence of his father he looks who resembles the same features of his father. Although, Odyssey is gone there is still a relationship being formed between
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Telemachus takes part in the hanging of the servants who betrays the trust of Odysseus when he was gone from his home and family. Homeric epic identifies Telemachus through the trusting of his father allowed him to take charge which shapes him in the man that he becomes. Another example, Odysseus and Telemachus father-son example, Odysseus and Telemachus prepare for war against the family of the suitor who were preparing for the slaughter of the suitors. Odysseus prepare Telemachus gives him instructions. Going back to society it is important to establish leadership through the father-son relationship without leadership it becomes difficult to grow and…show more content…
The Homeric epic builds the relationship between the two characters to emphasize the reasoning of father-son being in the lives of their sons today is not accounted as import to do the same in the Homeric epic. Society believes the father-son relationship has less virtue which teaches it’s normal to ignore the importance of father-son. Father-son relationship is being ignored.
The Homeric want the readers to compare healthy and unhealthy relationships in today’s society which differs from the time of Odysseus and Telemachus. There are reasons to state their relationship brought fear to the land because of the closeness of Odysseus return. Their relationship became greater because of the transformations of Odysseus returning home.
In some cases father-son relationship can take a toll due to departure of war have a major impact. For example, when Odysseus settles to return he’s emotional by the death of his fellow men he’s rather distant when he’s asked where his native land. When he rather prolongs his response changing the subject. When he finally comes home he feels rather comfortable to discuss it with his wife. He doesn’t inform Telemachus of his journey and the tragedy he
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