Odysseus And The Curse Of Oedipus

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Although, Poseidon has cursed Odysseus, he has other gods on side who are able to help him. Odysseus will go on another quest to appease Poseidon and will return safely and live a good life Oedipus is cursed by Apollo and receives no help from any other gods. This curse was placed on an ancestor of Oedipus’. “Cadmus, the founder of the Thebes, angered Apollo by killing the god’s favorite snake. As punishment, the descendants of Cadmus lived under a curse prophesied to each generation by Apollo’s oracle. According to prophecy, if Laius, king of Thebes, had a son by Jocasta, his queen, that son would kill his father and marry his mother.” (“Background”; 430). From early on, Oedipus was fated to do this and it could not be avoided. It is Apollo
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