Odysseus And The Kraken Analysis

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Odysseus And The Kraken My men were exhausted , From fighting Polyphemuüs the Cyclops. We were ready to leave the island, until Polyphemus came out of his cave. I knowing that the beast was angry, I thought to myself and Decided to make the beast even angrier. "No Man", but he, Odysseus, who had blinded you.”, I said
After that, My Men and I Left the beast’s island, I now know that I Odysseus will make it to Ithaca. My Home, Where my wife penelope and my son telemachus,who I haven't seen for 20 Years, waiting for me to arrive in Ithaca. When I first saw the beast leaving the Island, I froze shocked of its stature. The monster was no leviathan, Like I once fought heading to Calypso’s Island. The Great and all Powerful Poseidon has somehow
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Then the beast’s tentacles, was wrapping around the ship and was trying to bring it down. So Athena and I Grabbed swords and started to stab and chop it tentacles off. Poseidon, the god of the sea , Saw that it's beast was getting hurt and that it was about to die, So he told the kraken to retrieve and the battle between the Kraken ended their. And I Odysseus said to the beast. “ I Odysseus defeated The Kraken and made the Goddess of the sea, Retrieve”. King Alcinous, Was closely paying attention to every detail of the battle. And I told Him.
“That has been one of the biggest Monster, I have ever fought”. King Alcinous, Gave my men and I a place to sleep. The next day King Alcinous gave us a Ship and Some resources for the trip. I was heading to Ithaca where my Wife Penelope and my Son Telemachus, were waiting for me. When I got there , I saw my Dog Argos, Old and Weak Argos got up and went next to me. Then he died in peace. I went inside the palace, I saw my wife penelope and I told her “ I Odysseus has returned to Ithaca”.
My Wife Penelope didn't Believe that it was me Odysseus. “ My Husband Odysseus has Died, Trying to return to Ithaca .” She Said. And she asks Eurycleia to move the bedstead out of the chamber and spread it with
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