Odysseus And The Trojan Horse

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In every story or situation that is occurring, there is a hero or a person that you feel takes care of the problem. There are plenty of characteristics that a hero should have that draws you toward them. Odysseus exemplifies a hero through his strategic moves, perseverance, and being responsible. Odysseus demonstrates his strategic moves in the Odyssey during the Trojan war. Odysseus’s brilliant idea is to create a wooden horse. This horse is called the Trojan Horse. His plan also includes for the Greeks to pretend to sail away from Troy and leaving the huge wooden horse as a gift for the gods for winning the war. The Greeks also hide their other ships near the island of Tenedos. In the meantime, there were fifty men including Odysseus who hid in the Trojan Horse and the rest of the army hid not too far away from the city of Troy. The Trojans fell into the trap. They took the horse inside the city and celebrated their winnings. After the celebration, when most of the Trojans were wasted, Odysseus and his men squirm out of the horse. They killed the guards and signals were sent for the rest of the Greeks troops. The Trojans were awakened by the surprise, and the Greek defeated them and won the war (Homer, book 4). While trying to return home, Odysseus and his ships stopped in Cyclopes island to get more provision. While trapping the sheep into the cave they encounter Polyphemus, who trapped the men and Odysseus in his cave with a large boulder. Polyphemus refused to give
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