Unadmirable Things In The Odyssey

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There are 2 people embracing each other. You can tell that they love each other. There are tears of joy that are rolling down their cheeks as they hug. It is a reunion of sorts with onlookers crying as well. Odysseus is finally reunited with his loving Penelope. However, does he truly deserve such a happy ending after all that he has done. Throughout both part 1 and 2 of The Odyssey Odysseus has done a number of unadmirable things that show that he does not deserve such a happy ending. In part 1 Odysseus does a number of unadmirable things. For example, there is a reason Odysseus is the only one who made it home after his journey. Odysseus is known for being smart. However, if he really was smart then he wouldn’t of stayed in Polyphemus’…show more content…
Some may say that throughout his whole trip Odysseus stayed strong in order to meet his family again and that he thought of them the whole time. However, was he thinking of his family when Odysseus was with Circe for 1 year? Or when Odysseus was with Calypso for 7 years? He just seems selfish. You could also say that he was a good father to Telemachus when he came back. Well, if you think about it Odysseus could’ve gotten home 8 years ago if he hadn’t cheated on his wife. This would’ve made the suitor situation easier to deal with and also have more time with Telemachus. While we are on the topic of suitors the first thing that they did as father and son was kill. What type of bonding experience is that, slaughtering men together out of cold blood is a good way to greet your son after 20 years apparently. Finally, you might say that Odysseus is so smart that even gods like Athena recognize his wits. If he is so smart though why did he go into Polyphemus’ lair. Killing 6 men and making their journey even longer. Also, if he is so smart why did he not realize that he spent 7 years on Calypso’s island. Odysseus sure seems to not be so
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