Odysseus As A Hero

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Heroes pass down the idea of what good qualities a human should have, but some show how power can get to your head. In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus shows the complete opposite qualities by being merciless towards people that do any wrong to him, relentless in how his instincts come upon him, and violent towards any misfortune that happens to him. Odysseus cannot be considered a hero because he shows the opposite values of hospitality, loyalty and how much revenge is in his heart. Odysseus displays discourteousness or the opposite of hospitality to the suitors in his home because all he wants the outcome to be is violent without any understanding. While Odysseus gets angry with Polyphemus earlier in the story by saying, “...who dared to eat your own guests in your own house.” (9.479) Odysseus wants to kill every one of the suitors that is trying to marry Penelope, Odysseus 's wife. He could’ve easily have forced them to leave because of how powerful he is. He shows violence and no mercy towards almost everything. Odysseus resorts to violence in all situations to get what he needs done. He contradicts himself when talking to Polyphemus about eating his own guests because in reality, he most likely would´ve killed anyone who stepped foot into his home. ¨That left Odysseus waiting in his hall as Athena helped him plot the slaughter of the suitors.¨ (19. 1-2) This quote shows that Athena is in on Odysseus wanting to kill all of the suitors, which can be the reason why

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