Odysseus As A Hero

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Do you think Odysseus is a hero? If yes why do you think so? I think he was an epic hero because he did many things to help his people. He, would do a lot of things he would do to defend his people and he would of died trying to die for them to. He sometimes almost gave up but he kept on trying until he went back home. Odysseus was trying to go back home to go to his family and friends and become the king again in his throne as he deserves. Odysseus was treated like a hero when he, came back from his journey because he fought his way back home just like a hero and a good warrior.

Odysseus, also was the king in Ithaca he was ruling there until he left and left his son in charged. Another reason that he is a hero that he left his throne, so he can go and defend his people. According to he had the qualities of a god and he was very intelligent and even if sometimes he gave up he never stop being a hero to his people. He was always trying to save the people that he liked and never gave up hope. He also never gave up what he believed in he never would call himself a hero even though he knew he was a hero.

Odysseus also would never surrender without a fight he would always gave it his best shot, he never gave up and surrendered to his enemies. When he knew sometimes "Odysseus" could of been outnumbered he would not go down without a fight. Also a lot of girls loved him just because of how brave he really was. Odysseus was one of the brave men from all over the
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