Odysseus As A Leader In Homer's Odyssey

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“Leadership is not a position or a title, it is action and example.” In this quote by Cory Booker the idea of being a leader is more than just word, but a big responsibility that is not given but proven through noble and moral actions. In Homer's Odyssey the actions of odysseus throughout his journeys with his men are reflected on the idea that it takes more to being a leader than just assuming a position, but takes hard work and leading by example. After the trojan war odysseus and his men attempt a journey home, but must overcome countless obstacles that take the form of gods, monsters, and woman in order to reach what they truly desire,home. Although odysseus does exhibit some qualities of weak leadership, as he goes on this journey home…show more content…
As a character odysseus has flaws so naturally this would transfer over to his leadership skills . During the encounters with both polyphemus and circe, odysseus exhibits weak leadership. After getting trapped by polyphemus him and his men devise a solution to escape, once they have escape odysseus endangers the lives all his men by aggravation polyphemus; “I would not heed them in my glorying spirit, but let my anger flare and yelled” (IX 545 555). Odysseys is selfish and does not think of anything but his pride when he is angering polyphemus. His anger clouds his judgment and even if he did consider the consequences he does not stop even though what he is saying is endangering the lives of his men. Amidst his yelling odysseus hears the shouts of his men to stop but doesnt, even though what his men are saying is what is best odysseus disregards their opinions. All odysseus is thinking about is fulfilling his selfish desire to showcase his…show more content…
Odysseus has become humbled, thoughtful about his actions, and less greedy by the time he reaches home. These changes of character effect the leadership of odysseus and make him a stronger person and leader. Odysseus has always been brave and this positively affects his ability to be a strong leader. Not long after landing on Aietes odysseus learns that his men have been taken captive by circe his man eurylochus wants to take the easy way out; “‘I know you cannot bring away our shipmates better make sail with these men, quickly too, and save ourselves from horror while we may’...‘Let me go, as i see nothing for it but to go.’ ” ( X 294-300). Odysseus doesn't even give a second thought about going to save his men despite the risks it could mean to odysseus. Odysseus could've just left his men behind and sailed off, but his loyalty to his men outweigh all the other factors because to odysseus the only option is saving his men. The contrast between odysseus and eurylochus plans of action are very different and show why odysseus is the one in charge. Eurylochus is not as courageous as odysseus is, or as willing to take risks for the people that are loyal to odysseus. Gradually over his journey odysseus learns to not let his pride be the driving force for his actions. Once odysseus has returned home and reunited with telemachus, odysseus comes up with a plan on
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