Odysseus As A Leader In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Meaning of Being a Leader Being a leader is more than making people follow you. A leader is someone who knows how to manage and help others do the right thing. In The Odyssey, it’s characters portrayed many traits that show great leadership skills. Such as perseverance and confidence can make a good and strong leader. So in The Odyssey, Odysseus shows much perseverance toward his goal of going back home to Ithaca. Even through his twenty year journey of obstacles and torture he still never forgot his main goal. The things he had gone through during his time is being trapped with a Cyclops,feeling Poseidon's wrath, going to Hades, and spending countless years captured by different goddesses.While experiencing all these things, Odysseus is only trying to get back home the entire time to see his son. Who he has not seen in twenty years, since the day he was born.He demonstrates much perseverance because he never forgot or gave up on his mission. This is a trait that is very important in being a leader because then you will never abandon your goal and is always striving towards the end.…show more content…
Even after she was threatened and attacked she never stops fighting for what she believed was right.It got to a point so bad that she had to leave her home country and travel to the United States. With the attack on her, it made her even stronger. To this day, she is still trying to fight for female education rights around the world.In the end, both Odysseus and Malala showed significant signs of perseverance towards their goals, which make them a leader that many can follow and trust. Since others will know they will always be focus on the end goal and not stray
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