Odysseus As A Tragic Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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Odysseus’s first main step was to go on a war to save his people and his homeland (Ithaca). He just had a baby (Telemachus) with Penelope his wife so he didn’t want to leave them because he knew that it would take sometime to come back home. He is forced to leave because his homeland was in huge trouble. Odysseus told his men to get ready for war and get the ship 's ready. He takes a few men and a few ships along. He won the war by giving an excellent idea to his army that they should hide in a statue. When they were hiding in the statute the rivals thought they had left. Later on they gave them a surprise and killed them all. He wins the war but Poseidon’s goal was that he should never reach back home to his homeland. Poseidon wanted him to suffer. He gets onto the ship to return back to his homeland but fails because Poseidon has said, “you won’t be able to return back home ever”. He tried many times but he had a challenge that he had to fulfil and get home. Odysseus later finds land and over there he finds God of Wind. God of Wind was Poseidon 's cousin, but he didn’t like Poseidon much that’s why he agreed to help Odysseus and gave him a bag of wind. Later on he finds a messenger and the messenger tells him that to undo the spell you have to sleep with a witch. He goes to that witch and…show more content…
Who ever could get the bow and shoot through a few axes could marry her! Odysseus who is dressed up as a beggar not to reveal his identity (Penelope thinks that the beggar resemble as his dead husband) get the bow and arrow and shoots through them and then reveals his identity. He gets success in that plan and gets his house back. Odysseus is sad to see that his mother is not alive. But he is also really happy to see his son and wife again. All the people who conquered his house were killed or they ran

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