Odysseus As A True Hero In Homer's Odyssey

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True Heroes A hero is a being that, at the end of the day, has done something others can admire. Odysseus, a Greek mythology hero in the Odyssey written by Homer, lacks many features I believe a hero should possess. In the Odyssey, Odysseus, after departing from Troy, set off on his journey home. However, confronted with many obstacles, it took him ten-years full of hardships to return to his family and home. During the journey, he time and time again falls prey to selfish human desires, such as greed and pride, leading to further hardships. Although Odysseus’s story is a common archetype, he fails to meet the qualities of a hero compared to Narayanan Krishnan, a modern hero. Odysseus often was not satisfied with what he had already received and pushed for more. Such a case was seen when he visited the cyclops’s island. After having gone in the cave and finding the cyclops’s abode, he was interested in its inhabitants despite his men suggesting to simply take the sheep and cheese back to the boat and leave. Leading to Odysseus waiting with his men for the resident, who turned out to be a cyclops trapping them. This shows how he, falling prey to his curiosity, led to he and his men trapped along with the cannibalistic cyclops. In the process he did lose men causing him to have a smaller amount of men. Krishnan was not greedy and even used his own assets to Manorat 2 provide food and hygiene for…show more content…
Odysseus was overly proud and could not see past himself causing the obstacles leading to his ten-year journey in the first place. He was not faithful to neither his family nor men, leading to his men’s death and caused suitors to court his wife. He, as the captain of his men, should have stood his ground more and make his orders more absolute, as it led to his men causing problems as well. Overall, this explains why Odysseus does not have the traits a
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