Odysseus Being A Hero Analysis

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Heroes are, “People who take risks despite fear”(Source 2). In The Odyssey by Homer, Odysseus faces many challenges that make him a hero. He battles monsters, goddesses, and enchantresses. Odysseus is a hero in the way that he uses his brain to think about and approach dilemmas. When he and his men are on the Cyclops’ island, Odysseus tells the cyclops that his name was Nobody. He knows that by saying his name was Nobody, they will not know where to find Odysseus, when the cyclops says, “Nobody, Nobody has tricked me. Nobody ruined me”(Homer 404). Odysseus knew it would be hard to believe someone when they said nobody tricked them. By him using his brain, Odysseus tricks the cyclops, so he could not locate Odysseus. He uses his wits to think about the situation ahead of time. “We should allow for the heroic impulses- which is to be greater than oneself, to try to find another versions of oneself, to grow”(Source 2). This is saying that to be a hero one needs to try to be better than who one normally is. After one commit acts of heroism, one should grow. Odysseus did progress after each time he used his intellect to get out of a problem. He learns after he succeeds in his current complication.…show more content…
While they may have a point, they do not take into account the fact that he did not use his brain when approaching this challenge. He had been prideful on this part of his journey. To conclude, Odysseus was a hero. He was a hero when he used his brains to ponder about and reach the answer to a predicament. Heros are the people who complete tasks that they are afraid to complete, but they do

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