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Strong, heroic, brave, and one of the most knowledgeable hero, Odysseus, shows many of his bold characteristics in his journey back home from the Trojan War. After the Trojan war ended, he is expected to be home in Ithaca, to be the king. However, he has suffered 20 years to return home to his wife, Penelope, his son, Telemachus, and of course the kingdom he is to rule. With the absence of Odysseus, someone had to rule the kingdom, so many suitors began to offer the idea of remarriage to Penelope, to get a new king, assuming that Odysseus was already dead. Nevertheless, Penelope nor her son give up their faith and continue to wait for Odysseus. Odysseus must quickly return home, to rule his kingdom and not give up his loyalty to Penelope, and Telemachus. On his way, he encounters many events that proves his heroism and fearless characteristics.

Knowledge is one of the most well-known characteristics of Odysseus shown in the event where he blinded the cyclops as well as arrogance. Finding
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While returning home for 20 years, his wife and son, long await his arrival. Even though he has been gone for such a long time, Odysseus still shows loyalty to his family. Upon finally returning, Odysseus yet again shows his great skill on being strong, by being able to shoot an arrow through the axes perfectly, to prove to Penelope he truly is Odyssey. He was able to also get revenge by killing all of the suitors that attacked Penelope. However, Penelope does not believe him at first, so she checks if he still remembers the bed that symbolizes their love for eachother. She tells him that the bed was moved, but Odysseus refuses to believe, for he was the one who build the bed, and knew it could not be moved. “There’s our sign! I know no more. Could someone else’s hand have sawn that trunk and dragged the frame away?” After 20 years, Odysseus is still loyal to his
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