Odysseus Mistakes

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Mistakes happen everyday, usually it’s because of a simple mistake you might’ve made. But sometimes one or more people can screw up and you’ll get pinned for it too. Every year veterans become homeless and unwanted by the general public just for the reason of “all veterans are criminals of war”, which is completely false. It’s just the fact that some veterans act out in illegal activities while the rest are getting pinned for it. In many cases, veterans are trying their best not to get involved with illegal activities, but the general public still looks down on every veteran like they are all criminals. The best we can do is support them through their recovery and treat them like the heros they are. Odysseus is an epic hero, and his biggest…show more content…
When soldiers with PTSD come back from war they might receive different treatment from others, they might be treated like a feral dog perhaps. This might be because they act different, this might include hyper-vigilance, lots of anxiety, stress, nervousness, and lots of hesitation with talking to new people. Several people talk about their past experiences and how it affects them today. “Any incopentance Bear encounters in civilian life arouses the same feelings of fear, rage, and grief.” (Shay, para. 25). While Bear was in the military, he excelled, and when he came back to civilian life, he didn’t earn much respect, he in fact got disrespect, which might’ve been the reason he had lots of stress issues. It’s not their past that makes them get involved with illegal activities, it’s the way are treated after they come home from war. “Bear always sleeps with a knife under his pillow, despite her pleas not to…. Forcing his family to lower the blinds at sundown, and he “walks the perimeter” every night before bed looking for snipers and ambushes. He rarely gets more than two hours of sleep because of nightmares. Four hours sleep is a good night.” (Shay, para. 29). Bear is showing signs of PTSD everywhere, this is all from traumatizing events that happened when he enlisted. First the knife under the…show more content…
It can be treated in many ways which most veterans are recommended in doing, some are exercise groups, therapy sessions, or even more sleep. “Prominent among those with PTSD, sleep disturbance and nightmares are among the top three PTSD symptoms commonly reported by treatment-seeking Veterans.”(Weaver, volume 9). Most veterans when they come back from war also bring back disturbing memories of scaring images of war. These images or flashbacks repeatedly show up in sleep pretty often. These might cause vets to lash out in panic or maybe even rage. More sleep and exercise reportedly helps this, all we need to do to help them is to give our biggest support. “Results from the present study found that engagement in exercise at baseline was associated with better sleep quality at one-year follow-up.” (Weaver, volume 9). Veterans are statistically getting better sleep because of increased exercise, which is one of the main setbacks of PTSD: low sleep. With better sleep, vets can go about their day better and remain a little less stressed. Veterans are trying to improve themselves the best that they can. The worst we can do is treat them badly, that’ll just cause more stress and anxiety for them, causing them to act out
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