Minotaur Short Story

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As my single ship sailed across the sea in search of the Circe’s island I spotted a medium size island including a rocky tall mountain that caught my eye. As we passed I got a glimpse of a large creature, which was very hairy, with enormous pearl white horns and realized that my crew along with myself were in desperate need of food.
“Set sail for that island,” I hollered. As we changed course for the mountain the sails caught an immense wind which easily drifted us through the clear blue waters. Once I reached the island I instantly decided to take two of my best men Alexis and Draco and head towards the mysterious creature. I lead the way through the large orange-red rocks up to a high precipice upon which I had seen the creature prior to
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“ You and your friend will be my feast. After all, I don't get such a special surprise very often.” I didn't fear the Minotaur but he did indeed seem quite threatening so naturally, I instantly thought of a plan. I was going to break off pieces from the top of the cavern so they would come down on top of the Minotaur, crushing him using a thunderbolt that Zeus had promised me near the beginning of my journey. I needed to get the Minotaur to the end of the cave with me and Alexis standing on the outside so we weren't trapped inside. I remembered the Minotaur loved humans and I knew I could lure him to the end of the cave with the thought of a shipful of…show more content…
What’s so funny?” Asterion barked in his deep threatening tone.
I snickered once more and responded with arrogance, “You imbussel, you thought I, Odysseus, the wittiest of them all wouldn't have a brilliant plan.” I instantly then called upon Zeus’s thunderbolt and the sky lit up with lightning and in a bright flash that could be seen for miles and thunderbolt struck the cavern. It was as if something such as the sun, bright and hot was quickly flashed in front of me, blinding me for an instant and brought a large warmth to my body. Many large, sharp, rocks fell from the cave covering the Minotaur as thunder boomed from above. Soot blew everywhere, covering me and getting in my eyes. I then looked at Alexis, smiled, laughed, and cheered in excitement as my brilliant plan had worked (not to my surprise).
The sky cleared up and the bright blue sky was again lit up by the sun. We then sauntered down from the precipice onward towards the ship. As we reached the sizeable ship I ordered my crew to leave the dreaded island of Asterion heading to Circe’s
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