Odysseus 'Eurylochus In Fagles' The Odyssey

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The Two Sides Eurylochus
The epic poem, The Odyssey, written by Homer (Fagles translation) has many different archetypes within the story that causes both the story and the journey to move on to the nest destination. In the same time causes the hero, Odysseus, to continue his journey either by some better or worse situations. In the aforementioned poem there is a character called Eurylochus. He is one of Odysseus’ crew, and he represents more than one archetype within the story. He is included in the poem so he will be represented as an ally and a foil for Odysseus to highlights the leadership of Odysseus. This will examine both the straight meaning and the deep meaning for what happened with Eurylochus and reasons he did what he did. One of

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