Odysseus Honor In Homer's Odyssey

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Many times throughout the book that we have been reading “The Odyssey” we see Odysseus showing great honor to many situations such as battles, fallen friends and even enemies and possibly the most relevant for what I have to say, higher powers and by this I mean kings, gods and even substantial enemies, this causes things to start going his way at least the best that those he shows honor to can apply. So the question is, how does this show up against today's world approximately 3000 years later and how important it is to have lots of honor then and now. Odysseus honors those who he respects and by this i mean that he will honor his crew, his family, the gods, kings and even enemies at times. When odysseus honors people they see that and respect him, putting him on a more level ground with people that he needs as allies, these allies become what i think is one of the most important aspects that he portrays.
Without honor Odysseus would have gotten stopped in his tracks by day one, because he would have never formed the needed relationships with people like circe, the kings and especially the gods like athena whom would ultimately control everything that happens to him. However these relationships did for causing him to be right where he needs to be in the end of the book
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I don't think that all these are as important in today's society as honor because with honor anyone can have it and it doesn't take a “select breed” to carry out but only an anyday average joe from any age can have honor and why not have something great for everyone to make a change instead of a select few. So that's what i think is odysseus greatest strength that is used in today's society by
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