Odysseus Ideal Hero

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Batman or Bruce Wayne was born in Gotham, a city infested with crime, and was the son of billionaires. However, this dream life didn’t last. Bruce’s parents were killed when he was ten. This contributed in the motivation of Bruce to create Batman. Bruce Wayne swore vengeance on all criminals. He created this bat persona to hunt down all of Gotham’s cruelest criminals.
Odysseus isn’t the real hero. Even though everyone believes Odysseus is the ideal hero, but the real optimal hero is Batman. Many people are misguided with the perception that Odysseus is a model hero. However, Batman has characteristics that stump all accomplishments done by Odysseus. Many people consider Odysseus to be an ideal hero because he has accomplished many feat. Being the main protagonist in The Odyssey,
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Batman does not receive help from powerful deities. In fact, he fights one similar to them, Superman, and he won. Batman takes his role in Gotham city seriously. Batman has physical prowess, martial arts abilities, detective skills, science and technology, intimidation, and indomitable will. Odysseus just had bravery and wits. Batman’s skill set far excels Odysseus and it’s yet another reason that proves Batman is the real hero to base your views off of. In addition to being genius intellect and having vast amounts of wealth, Batman is better than Odysseus because his tasks were far more strenuous. Odysseus had help from great divinities, but Batman didn’t. Odysseus’s counterpart is
In conclusion, we can see that Batman’s superlative dexterity to accomplish dangerous acts of bravery one-ups Odysseus’s feats. Batman’s adroitness belittles Odysseus and all the things he accomplished. Batman is the ideal hero based on his character and the way he treats people. Odysseus’s indifference to his men and his wives shows us his disinterest in others and his self-absorption and vanity in

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