Character Of Odysseus In Homer's Odyssey

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In the book the Odyssey, we learn many things about Odysseus and his personality. We first find him held captive by Calypso. All of Odysseus’ crew has died but we are told it is not his fault. His failure to avoid temptation ensures his crew’s eventual death throughout the journey. Odysseus is a man of many great characteristics, but also has some faults that he learns from throughout the book. Odysseus was told to be a brave and smart warrior in the Trojan War. He has a strategic mindset, a determination to return home, and the ability to be a convincing speaker. These characteristics help him succeed in his mission even through all the trouble he went through. One of Odysseus’ most important characteristics is his strategic mindset. He is always thinking and planning how to get what he wants or how to get out of a bad situation. When Odysseus and his crew were trapped in Polyphemus’ cave, Odysseus was forced to devise an escape plan. He decided that they would blind Polyphemus with a stick from his bed, but he needed a way to keep the other cyclops from finding them after they blinded him. Odysseus gives him wine to make him not think clearly so Polyphemus would believe him when he said, “Noman is my name” (page 134 lines 343-344 and 364). Odysseus was thinking ahead in his plan to blind the cyclops. When Polyphemus calls for help after being blinded by Odysseus and his crew, it would sound like he is…show more content…
By the end of this epic, Odysseus has learned to temper his pride with patience in others. This leads him to make all the right decisions in the end and everything turns out great for Odysseus and his family. His long journey home has shown the readers that he is very cunning, determined, and a strong leader. He has become a better king and a better husband than he could have ever been without his struggle
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