Odysseus In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey Essay What is the first thing that comes to mind when hear the word Hero someone brave, nice, kind, honest, smart, and someone who puts their life on the line for others. Well in the Odyssey Odysseus is not all of these things only a few, Odysseus is a cruel, greedy, and murderous man who only cares for himself. In the Odyssey By Homer a king named Odysseus went to war with Troy which started this whole adventure he made a plan to defeat the Trojans by making the Trojan horse and sneaking himself along with his men inside Troy to wait till nightfall and sneak out of the horse to take over Troy while everyone is asleep. He tried to sail his way home but got lost and it took him 20 years to get back because of various misadventures like get caught by a cyclops, getting stuck on an island of lotus-eaters, going by the sirens, going through Scylla and Charybdis, Eating the sun gods cattle, getting stuck on an island with a time distorting goddess along with other misadventures which…show more content…
He had his men divide the women equally and told them to share them all. Odysseus stayed on an island with the time distorting goddess Calypso who loved Odysseus a lot and didn’t want him to leave so he decided to stay instead of going home he stayed there until he wanted to go back home. “I stormed the place and killed the men who fought. Plunder we took, and we took, and we enslaved the women, to make division, equal shares to all.” I think that Odysseus does not deserve to be a literary hero because he has done so many bad things to so many people that didn’t deserve to be hurt or killed. This is worth consideration because Odysseus doesn’t deserve to be a literary hero because of how he treated his men and others without respect, kindness, bravery, and he definitely did not put his life on the line to save others he put others lives’ on the line to save his
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