Odysseus In The Odyssey In Homer's The Odyssey

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The Odyssey is a variation of the protagonist’s name, Odysseus, meaning “the story of Odysseus,” similar to the Iliad, which means “the story of Ilium”. Homer, the believed author of both epics, made the titles reveal that the tales would be about the heroes. Since the epic poem became so famous, “Odyssey” now refers to a long and rigorous journey.
The Odyssey is an epic poem that is a compilation of ancient Greek rhapsodies believed to be first written down by Homer, but the stories themselves were already told orally. Scholars debate as to whether Homer was an actual person or if they were a group of men who created these stories, since very little is known about the suspected author. It is believed that he lived anywhere between the 8th
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Odysseus is the protagonist and both a dynamic and flat character. He learns to control his arrogance, however keeps many of his selfish behavior. Telemachus is a dynamic character who represents the change in coming of age and maturity. He starts off as an insecure character but transforms into a man with strong character, well deserving of his title of Odysseus’s son. Penelope is a flat character, being the wife of Odysseus she is courted by many suitors yet still stays fiercely loyal to her husband. She displays the value ancient Greeks placed in the loyalty of women.
The sea is a huge symbol that stands for life’s difficulties through all its joys and heartbreaks. Argus, Odysseus’ dog, is a symbol of loyalty since he is the first to recognize the hero, even in his disguise and is so happy that it finally dies in peace. Hospitality was possibly the single most important motif in the Odyssey because it reflected Xenia, the most important concept to
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Possibly the most memorable quote is when Odysseus reveals his name to Polyphemus after having stabbed the cyclops in its eye. This shows Odysseus’s arrogance, and sets up the whole story for the rest of his conflicts. “When they had made fast the running gear all along the black ship, then they set up the mixing bowls, filling them brimful with wine, and poured to the gods immortal and everlasting but beyond all other gods they poured to Zeus’ gray-eyed daughter” (Book 2, 430-433). This was when Telemachus was leaving Ithaca to go to Pylos and see Nestor. They made an offering to Athena, ironically while she was in the ship disguised as Mentor. This also shows that Telemachus still respects the Gods even though he believes they are against him. “Surely we two have eaten much hospitality from other men before we came back here. May Zeus only make an end of such misery hereafter. Unharness the strangers ' horses then, and bring the men here to be feasted” (Book 4, 33-36). This shows the importance Greeks put on hospitality, showing that even kings enjoyed the xenia of others.
Criticism occured about The Odyssey in regards to how women were portrayed throughout the epic as seductresses and insignificant characters, and the double standards regarding adultery. There is still no common ground
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