Odysseus Informative Speech

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What is a hero? Do you know what a hero is? Do you know what kind of characteristics a hero must have? Well do you? No? Well that's why I’m here. I’m here to tell you what someone needs in order to be called a hero, for example Odysseus. But does he have the guts and personalities of a hero. First a hero needs to be always thinking of others and follow the laws of the country. A hero also must be aware of his surroundings and accept help from allies if needed. If they don’t however, then they are either stronger than people say they are or just plain cocky, like Achilles. A hero must be able to show mercy to his foes no matter how bad or corrupted they may be. True heros always show mercy and never kill to show that they are stronger or better…show more content…
However if those strangers are warriors and they want to either take his kingdom or take his food and wealth, then Odysseus will show no mercy to them and end their lives right then and there. A hero never does something like that, but Odysseus does. Yet Odysseus does thinks of others; his crew, his family, his people in Ithaca, and the people he has met during his journeys out to war and back from war. And in return, those people give him kindness and helps him find a way to his final destination. Odysseus is also acutely aware of his surroundings especially for an illusion, for example, the island with the sirens singing. Even if these were warnings from the gods and goddesses themselves, he would still learn and remember what to do the next time he encounters these problems in his life. Lastly as I mentioned before, a hero must always show mercy to their foe no matter how bad they are. But Odysseus doesn’t show any mercy to his enemies, not even his own when they disrespect his honor and pride. A real hero doesn’t kill even if their honor and pride has been torn to shreds, yet Odysseus killed all those suitors because they were ransacking his house and eating his goods. So to answer the question, is Odysseus a real hero, Odysseus isn’t a real hero. Odysseus is a warrior who does whatever it takes to win and protect his people. Odysseus is nothing but a
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