Odysseus Is Not A Hero Analysis

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Odysseus isn't a hero at all. There are a lot of reason to throw out that will prove he ist a hero.Therefore .Odysseus reminds me of batman. The reason why, is batman doesn't have superpowers as a mortal god.Yet,he has strength similar to odysseus. the definition for an hero or heroism is clear to understand. Odysseus is likely to compared to be heroism but if go deeper, consider what people feel a hero should be. He doesn't evenfit the qualites of a hero. Although Odysseus is brave.

An hero someone who is strong, Courageous , honest, bravery.No one has to kill monsters, rescue girls, or lead a war to be hero. You don’t have to have superhuman strenis a person who is not afraid to step in foward. odysseus is brave to abuse them to death.

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