Odysseus Journey In Homer's The Odyssey

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Hurdles, endurance, and persistence, can all cause a person to grow over the course of time. Before a hero becomes one, he/she must endure all of these aspects in order to learn new values that contribute to their character. A hero will go through what is called a hero's journey, the time spent on their journey is solely based on how they handle the situations they are placed in. In Homer's The Odyssey, Odysseus, king of Ithaca faces many obstacles to prove his worthiness to the gods in order to come home to his family. Odysseus can be compared to a wildflower; he allows himself to grow throughout his journey in all the places, gods, as well as people believed he wouldn’t grow in.
After Odysseus’s triumph in Troy his actions reveal he is cocky
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However, the question still remains did in fact, Odysseus’s journey have a meaning to it? Odysseus must undergo many obstacles that reveal his overall change, and growth in the end of his journey.Odysseus says to Calypso; “Yet, it is true, each day I long for home, long for the sight of home” (5.l.228) After being with Calypso for seven years with his men. Odysseus’s yearn for home suggest that after his seven years with Calypso, he realizes his fear of oblivion. If it wasn’t for Athena who begged Zeus to make Calypso let him go then Odysseus would have never felt the need of going home as long as he was under her spell. This foreshadows him at the end of his journey, because he realizes he does need the gods help in order to win his battles and get home. The muse says; “and trapped within that backwash of the brine, Odysseus would have died before his time had not gray-eyed Athena counseled him” (6.l.30) Odysseus begins to truly realize that he does need the gods help to win a battle. With this he learns to give them credit when it is due to them. The development of change in Odysseus gives much more meaning to his Journey rather than just setting off to come back home to Ithaca and his…show more content…
The loss of his men reveal change in him to leave his arrogancy behind. His patience grows, as well as his respect for the gods. After his journey Odysseus has to face the suitors, a great change is shown in his character.Eurymachus throws a stool at Odysseus but misses (17.l.20) Odysseus holds back from doing anything to Eurymachus back to him. This shows his tolerance for the suitors in order to keep his identity secretive. Although Odysseus was angered by the suitors his patience is tested by having to keep his composure and not kill these men in that moment. “O Father Zeus, if over land and water, after adversity, you willed to bring me home” (20.l.101) Instead of Odysseus taking matters into his own hands like he use to he learns to wait for a signal from the gods before he acts upon his plans. This revealed great change in Odysseus, and demonstrated his humble ways after such his journey back home.

Overall, In Homer's The Odyssey, Odysseus’s journey has purpose, meaning, and brings a hero growth to his character. Odysseus endures many aspects that inevitably cause him to change his ways. For example his values are different, now that he has gained this immense respect for the gods. As well as his arrogance and the overflowing amount of pride that he once had has changed because of his new perspective that was left because of his hero's journey. Odysseus not only proves his worthiness to the gods, but to
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