Odysseus Journey In The Odyssey

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Odysseus' Journey Sailing around every corner of the world, Odysseus shows off his heroic abilities as he battles monsters and makes decisive decisions in The Odyssey. The epic poem which contains the story of Odysseus was written by Homer called, The Odyssey. The this epic poem, Homer talks about Odysseus' journey across the world as he tries to find his way home to Ithaca. However, as he was cursed by the gods, he faces many obstacles such as fighting monsters. In the end, Odysseus shows that he's a hero by being brave, fighting through the gods' curse, and never giving up on your goals just like the modern day hero, Bethany Hamilton. First of all, Odysseus proves to be a hero because he shows certain character traits such as being brave like Bethany Hamilton. He showed that he's brave when he and his men “bored that great eye socket” of Poseidon's son, Polyphemus (Homer, “The Cyclops” 337). Odysseus demonstrates his bravery by making a sharp stick and sticking it in the cyclops' eye, fully knowing that Polyphemus could have woken up any minute and easily have killed Odysseus and his men. By being brave, Odysseus was able to help his men get out of the cave, thus being a hero. Likewise, Bethany Hamilton showed that she's brave like Odysseus by “jumping back into the shark-inhabited waters. The thought of another shark attack was daunting…show more content…
He was able to defeat Polyphemus by taking a chance and stabbing him in the eye. Odysseus also survived after Zeus destroyed his ship and the curse the gods brought upon him. In the end, he was able to achieve his main goal of getting home by learning how to stay loyal. Even after all these years, The Odyssey was written, people today still shows these heroic characteristics that Odysseus and modern day hero, Bethany Hamilton, showed by focusing on what they want to accomplish in
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