Odysseus Journey Summary

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Odysseus went on a long journey to get back home to his wife and son. He was the leader for the Trojans and led them into battle he even led some into victory. Odysseus had a Son back home and a Wife back home his wife was starting to loose hope, but his son wasn’t. Odysseus and his family finally got all back together and never left each other’s side.
Odysseus had a great life before the gods made him go to war. When the gods were planning to choose whom to go to war they all said, “What about that clever Odysseus?” When Odysseus was just an infant someone put snakes in his crib. Odysseus defeated the snakes, but Odysseus’ father never knew because his father left. Odysseus’ mom had to take care of her son by herself. Once Odysseus got older he started helping his mom around the house and working in the field. Odysseus was an offspring from the gods. Odysseus had many high adventures like when he went to fight in the Trojan War. Odysseus even went to the Cyclops’ cave the Cyclops was
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Athena thought that this could be even more dangerous then the wars he had won, so she made him look and act like an old beggar. Odysseus went through the trouble to get his wife Penelope to choose him instead of one of the 108 suitors. The only way for Penelope to know how to choose the right suitor or Odysseus was to string Odysseus’ bow and shoot one arrow through twelve axes. When all this is happening Odysseus’ son Telemachus is in the shed, his mother to keep him safe put him there. Telemachus knew that the old beggar was his father Odysseus from the first time he saw him. Penelope chose Odysseus after several test, she wanted her bed removed from her room. Odysseus then said no because he made that bed out of a living oak tree and the chamber around the bed. Penelope knew that he was
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