Odysseus Lack Of Leadership In Homer's Odyssey

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Furthermore, Odysseus lacks a leadership role. To illustrate, when Odysseus is back in Ithaca the response he received wasn't the one anticipated. Odysseus is dressed as a beggar in order to see who is in his side and to see whether or not his wife has been faithful. However, Odysseus is bothered at the fact there are men in his house. When Odysseus reveals himself to the men, numerous of his men try to kill him, “He drew his own sword as he spoke, a broadsword of fine bronze, honed like a razor on either edge. Then crying hoarse and loud he hurled himself at Odysseus” (XXll. 80-82). Thereafter, revealing himself Odysseus killed the men. The leadership he has between he and his men lacks. Instead of his men being happy and receiving him…show more content…
Lastly, Odysseus lack of leadership is shown when he tells his men not to open the bag of air. Some readers argue Odysseus should have shown them the bag in order to avoid the situation, “Temptation had its way with [his] companions, and they untied the bag. Then every wind roared into hurricane; the ships went pitching west with many cries; [their] land was lost” (X. 50-54). However, a heroes orders are followed without debating, but Odysseus orders were not obeyed. This shows the lack of obedience the men have and Odysseus lack of leadership. Leadership requires a person to lead a group of people and have people obey you, how can that occur if Odysseus men do not obey simple instructions. Furthermore, how can we consider Odysseus a hero if his commands are not followed by his men. Heroes orders are followed and pursued, but Odysseus wasn't. Nevertheless, heroes rules and commands are respected by their followers and it shows excellent leadership, yet this does not the speak to Odysseus. The lack of obedience and respect for Odysseus shows the lack of leadership role that he has between he and his followers. In summary, a hero has to have an excellent leadership role. We respect this quality in a person because with leadership a person can lead a group of people and
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