Odysseus Life Lessons Learned In Homer's Odyssey

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When reading the odyssey I noticed that Odysseus went through a lot of difficult tasks and journeys and has had more than one near death experience.If you read through the book you will notice that most of Odysseus’ hardships go with a life lesson that teach you what to do or not do in the future in that type of situation.

One of the life lessons is when a has to hang onto the tree branch for a whole day to survive because Charybdis swallowed his ship.The symbol or life lesson in this part is determination because he wants to get home to his wife and son alive and it is a hard task,but he was willing do it because he had so much determination to get home.If odysseus didn’t have determination at that time he could have just let go because it hurt or it was hard ,but he didn’t because the need to go to his wife and son was greater.You learn from this part of the story
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