Odysseus Loyalty In Homer's The Odyssey

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Homer’s the Odyssey is a classic example of how separation can affect a man’s loyalty and how proving oneself can restore reputation.
Odysseus keeps his respect and loyalty toward everyone he befriends. Odysseus is a very loyal man and knows how to keep his promises even through his twenty year journey away from home. Odysseus goes off to fight with the Greeks during the trojan war which happens to take nine years, he then spends a year in Greece and it takes him ten years to finally get back home. “As he wept for a way home, since the nymph was no longer pleasing him. By nights he would lie beside her, of necessity, in the hollow caverns, against his will, by one who was willing, but all the days he would sit upon the rocks, at the seaside, breaking his heart in tears and lamentation and sorrow as weeping tears he looked out over the barren water”. This quote clearly shows that Odysseus is missing his wife Penelope. He is crying over the fact they haven’t been together for so long. “There, shedding tears Odysseus went unnoticed by all the others, but Alkinoǒs alone understood what he did and noticed, since he was sitting next to him
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This quote shows that Odysseus has persistent loyalty to his dead friends through the grief he shows. “Come this was, honored Odysseus, great glory of the Achaeans, and stay your ship, so that you can listen here to our singing”, Odysseus shows extreme loyalty to his wife in this quote because
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