Odysseus Obstacles

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In the poem, The Odyssey, Odysseus wanted to make a name for himself and to have everyone know that he is a hero and wanted to always be remembered. His quest was to get home after the ten years of war in Troy, that he tried to get out of by faking he was crazy. After Achilles, the Greek champion died, Odysseus came up with an idea to get into the city and to end the war. He had the Greek army make the “Trojan Horse”, which was just a giant wooden horse that was hollow and he devised a plan to give it to the Trojans as a peace offering. “The horse which Odysseus led up to Troy as a trap filled with men who would destroy great Ilion.” (Homer, The Odyssey, Book VIII, Page 269) When the Trojan’s accepted it, the Greek army sailed away to make the Trojans think they had left, and that night the hidden soldiers got out of the horse and opened the gates to let their comrades in to make a surprise attack on the city and to end the war. The main obstacle that started all of Odysseus’s troubles was his brilliant idea to make the Trojan horse and to have the hidden solders inside to make his plan of attack work. But, while they were attacking the…show more content…
Odysseus had no choice but to land at this island because the men had no food or water. Unknown to Odysseus and his men, the island was inhabited by bloodthirsty Cyclopes. They went to check out the island and they find a cave in which they find some wine and cheese. The men didn’t want to stay, but Odysseus insisted they wait on the owner to return. While they are eating the chess and the wine, a large Cyclopes Polyphemus is not happy with what he sees and he eats two of the men, and “when the cyclops fills is huge belly with human flesh, he washed it down with milk, then stretched out in his cave among his flocks.” (Homer, The Odyssey, Book IX, Page 277). Odysseus decides to blind the cyclops while he is asleep and they
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